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Lady Anastasia de Wulfe
24 December
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  • General Information

    Name: Anastasia de Wulfe
    Nicknames: Ana
    Age: 19

  • Psychology

    IQ: Above-average
    Phobias/Fears: Thunderstorms, feet, thieves, rumor, scandal
    Religious Beliefs: Catholic
    Intolerances/Annoyances: Shallowness of court life, tardiness, dishonesty, frivolity
    Quirks/Habits: dwells on the past, plays with necklace when upset, spends money extravagently

  • Family

    Parents: Dmitri and Erika de Wulfe
    Siblings: None
    Spouse/Serious Lover: None
    Children: None

  • Present Background

    Occupation: looking nice A lady of the Gaean court
    Education: Basic repertoire with an education in etiquette
    Major: N/A
    Activities: Polo, reading, writing, playing the harp, painting, gambling, attending operas and parties, buying lots of clothes and miscellaneous items
    Home: Her manor in Hera, Gaea
    Friends: The ladies Mathilde and Sasha, Queen Camilla, Fata Morgana, her head butler Edward, and her head maid Helen.
    Finances: Hahahaha, a lady does not share what is in her coin purse but it's alot

  • Appearance

    Height: 5' 6''
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Black
    Face & Complexion: Thin, bright face with a pale complexion
    Build: Curvy
    Defining Marks: A beautiful smile and mischevious glint in her eye
    Dress Style: Dresses made from the finest silks and other fabrics with wide paniers. Anastasia will also wear a feather or other ornament in her hair on occassion. She is seen with a fan nearly 99.9% of the time. [Think 18th century France]
    Manner of Speech: Eloquent and articulate
    Manner of Movement: Fluid-like and graceful

  • Romantic

    Marital Status: Recently single
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Past Relationships: Engagement to a Gaean general's eldest son
    Present Relationship(s): None

  • Other: Anastasia likes kittens. Alot. Also, she keeps her engagement ring on a chain around her neck. It is the most precious thing to her.

    Ana's icons are Kirsten Dunst playing Marie Antoinette from the movie "Marie Antoinette". This journal and character is used for the_peacemakers rp and played by _scottishgentry Friend, sucka.